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The story is about Eva, a Ukrainian girl who has come to Milan to work as a model. As soon as she arrives in Italy she attracts the attention of the male world. All of the men that she encounters seem to be solely interested in exploiting her beauty: and so we have Luke, the stalker, who never stops tormenting her with text messages and phone calls; Airoldi, the shady television producer, who offers her various jobs in exchange for her sexual favours, and lastly, Tom, a vile photographer, who has no scruples whatsoever. After being raped at a party by Tom and two of his colleagues, Eva is invited by Cindy, her flatmate, to a sort of Sabbath, attended solely by women, in a place outside Milan. From that moment on, the gateway to success in the fashion world opens before Eva and, at the same time, a tremendous vendetta begins against the violent male world.

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