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From very different backgrounds, the two women bond over their shared love for their families. As the women grow closer, Maria reveals her concern for her precocious, but lonely daughter Bella, who she fears is being bullied at school. At Anna's urging, her teenage daughter Emily takes Bella under her wings. Maria's husband, Hector, loses his job, and his ability to provide for his family. He falls into despair as he's unable to find work, and turns back to drinking. When he finds Maria at the Sparrow's house, he assumes she is cleaning houses. His pride overcomes him and demands she leave with him. Anna agrees to watch Bella as Maria leaves with Hector, hoping to reason with him, make him understand how much she loves him, and that she knows he is always there for his family. As they weigh the impact on young Bella, Anna and Mike face one of the most important decisions of their lives.

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